Best Top 5 Torrent Sites of 2018

It has just been less than three months when the government has started to announce a ban on torrents. However, Torrent has proved its efficacy regarding providing best of free music, movies, documentaries, software and other important stuff. The files or software or music that you want to download is a few clicks away, no matter what you want to download. However, the torrent term is linked to piracy these days. Though we do not support piracy, we can guide you about what is a torrent and how to use it along with the best torrent sites 2017.

Everyone likes torrent websites because of the flexibility these sites offer. To start downloading Movies from torrent sites, you need a torrent client. Utorrent and BitTorrent are the most popular download clients.

What is Torrent?

Torrent: – A torrent file is a small size file in just bytes which stores particular information associated with downloading the file. However, the download speed of torrent totally depends on seeders, leechers and peers. Sometimes you need a proxy site to access these blocked torrents.  Torrent sites provide you with these torrent files that enable you to share files over a PTP link.

Peers: Downloading the file and sharing it are called peers.

Leechers: Leechers are the ones who download the file.

Seeders: Seeders are the people who have uploaded the file.

You can read a detailed information on torrent here

NOTE: This article is for “educational purposes”. However, we do not promote piracy in any manner.

Top 5 Torrent Sites That Have Changed Torrent World 2017

There are a lot of torrent sites online, to provide you with the best, not to confuse you with many, we have listed five sites that stand apart from others.


Torrentz is not actually what it seems. Indeed, It is a search engine. It indexes the links to torrent files that from popular torrent sites and has more than 25 million records in its database. It is one of the oldest site still available in modern times. It is efficient and user-friendly.

It stays on the top of Google search results; that is why this torrent search engine is # 1 in the best torrent sites 2017 edition list.



Whenever someone has to look for some new software, movie or a documentary, the pirate bay was the first choice. It was founded back in 2003 and soon it faced a lot of legal issues and was banned several times. It changed its domain several times to remain in the picture and became a source of piracy. The site faced many issues but seems to be stable now.

This site is the king of the torrents but due to legal problems, domain providers and ISP blocks it down. However, it still gets billions of page views every month. This site provides torrent as well as the magnetic link, which means that you can download the file via peer network. However, the sad news is that was taken down by Sweden police.



Kickass torrent has created the history and is the most popular torrent site among all the mentioned in the list these days. It was launched in 2009. It enables the users to download files from various categories such as movies, music, software, anime, and others.

It has an excellent library of torrent files. It was a sombre news that said the owner of the site had been arrested and the site has been shut down. However, mirrors of the site do exist. You can still access the site but beware of the fact that all over world actions are being taken against piracy.



Extratorrent is as popular as Kickass torrents and Torrentz with about more than millions of visitors per day. The main feature of the extra torrent is that they provide a simple search function for torrent through their categories.

However, the right owner has recently called Extra Torrent is one of the best torrent sites in 2017. I also very often use this torrent site to reach out for books and some creative stuff. If you are looking for software and tech stuff, then no torrent site beats extra torrent.



If you are HD movie fan, then this site will turn out to be special to you. has nothing in familiar with the former YIFY or YTS group, but it aims chauvinistically to take their place. You should give it a try if you want best TV series and movies at a location quickly and reliably.

Alexa Rank: 740

Final Verdict

This concludes the list of best five torrent sites that have the capability to change the torrent world. If torrent sites manage to work towards piracy, then they will prove to provide the best download service ever. For downloading free music, free movies or any other windows software torrent sites is the go to place.

Many of these site mentioned here have faced problems with legal departments still they are live someway or the other. I hope this helped you a lot. If you have any question or any other top torrent sites then just comment on below!

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