Best Free Antivirus For Windows PC

Antivirus software is a program or set of programs designed to prevent, Investigate, detect and Eliminate computer viruses and malware and other pests like worms, Trojans, adware, and more. Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems that provided a lot of overwhelming features, but cannot be used while we have to face […]

Best Anti-Malware Software To Clean PC

WHAT IS MALWARE? WHAT IS ANTI-MALWARE? While it is unlikely that your PC gets infected by a malicious entity such as a computer virus but that doesn’t mean it never will. Apart from computer viruses, there are plenty of malicious programs around waiting to pounce on the vulnerability of your system. Ransomware is something that […]

AMAZON’S PRIME Video All Set To BE A Fierce Competition

It had been just less than a week since the American e-commerce giant Amazon Announced the launch of Amazon Prime video services in India. After a year of preparation, it is all set to prove its mettle in our country. Amazon Prime will use the Android and iOS application to provide streaming content. Moreover, tablets, […]

Paytm Launches Country’s First Offline Shopping

Everyone knows about the status of India in the current demonetization chaos that called upon the urgent need to find alternatives to run the economy. Official Paytm has stricken the hot iron and is ready to expect its growth and bright future ahead. Well, Paytm plus demonetization is currently the hottest trending term on the internet. […]