List Of Best Torrent Sites For Music

Finding music is easy but getting the best ones can be difficult at times. No matter you are a hard core music lovers or a person who rarely listen to any music. This article will surely help you to get a better and broader experience of Music because life is always better when you play a rhythm in the background and hop to each beat like there is no tomorrow.

Previously, we have mentioned torrenting sites to download movies this time we came up with free Torrent sites for music. These torrent sites are easily available online, so you can directly type the URL I have provided at the end of each torrent description.

Before getting started with the information it’s important for you to know that it is against the law to download file via torrent sites in some countries make sure you don’t violet any Law, but there is an easy solution to download file being an anonymous user.

To get a more secure and private experience a person can hide their IP address by using Ivacy VPN. To use this you just have to subscribe to Ivacy VPN with a username and password, and then download the Ivacy VPN app on your device. It will ask you several options, select Torrenting under the purpose and download all your favourite music without the fear of being tracked. In fact, few of the antivirus in 2017 also give you this facility to go anonymous online.

Here are, Top 8 Torrenting Websites For Music

1. Soundpark

This is the best torrent music site to download all the classic, metal, Hip-hop, Bollywood Hollywood or any kind of music. You just name it and you will find your favourite music at a single click. You can rely on the authenticity of the music when you are using this site because it not only provides free music but also makes sure to provide you with the latest tracks in all the languages.
Site URL:


Simplicity is the best word to describe this torrenting site. The easy navigation and separate albums for different genre artists to make it easier for the viewers to discover and explore Music. This site is a special treat for all the Rock, Metal, and Electronic Music lovers.

Large thumbnails of the albums surely create a very nice effect and influence people to open it. You can enjoy listening to unlimited songs without paying any money.
Site URL:


This music torrenting site is appreciated by the maximum amount of public at a very short duration. The site has more than 14 million registrations. Although this site is a Russian site which makes it difficult to be accessed in other countries once you subscribe Ivacy VPN or any other VPN service, you can easily operate this site from any geographical location.

Finding Music album on this site is very easy as it has the largest collection of Music in all the languages and genres.
Site URL:

4. Mix Tape Torrent

As the name itself suggests, this site is more popular among the people who love DJ Tracks and remixes. This music is surely meant to add a bit of spice in a person’s life and people find such music very motivating. The site is well organized and divided into different categories to make your experience better. You can start downloading with a click after you create an account.
Site URL:


This site is named the best torrent music site in 2017. This particular music torrenting site combines all the popular torrent sites and specialized private trackers in the torrent multi search, which is the reason why this site is more popular than the others. This torrenting site provides you best music, TV series, movies, book, games and many other applications.
Site URL:

6. Thepiratebay

This is one of the best free music torrent sites available from where a user can easily download any song within no time. You can even give your language and region preference. The best feature about this site is that you can see the number of people who have downloaded a particular song, which helps you to determine the popularity of the song among the people.

The site has a large collection of music which consists of all types of genres and languages. If you are one of the biggest music freaks then this site can surely take you to the depths of music. Also, if you missed you your favorite TV show online, then this site got you covered download your episode after few days anytime.
Site URL:

7. Bitsnoop

In this music site, the music is categorized in Top 100 and more such categories. This makes it easier to for the viewer to update their taste in music and get to know about what is like the most in general public. You just have to search for your favourite music and download it in zip format which can easily be extracted after the download.

If you are looking for a free torrent music site then this is one of the best sites I would recommend you. The site is updated very frequently to stay updated with the latest songs.
Site URL:

8. Itorrent

This site helps you to download music in different qualities according to your requirement. You can easily search all the latest songs in a single click. The site provides music in all the languages and cultures. This site helps you in easy downloading within no seconds. This site is absolutely free of cost and you can download unlimited songs from the vast number of options.
Site URL:

Final Verdict:

Hope these, music torrent sites will make your musical experience more beautiful. There are a lot more music torrenting sites but I have tried to provide you the best ones because being a music lover I understand your urge to get only the best. Next time when you are lost in the sea of millions of sites to download the music, I am sure these few sites will come handy to you at that moment.

Let the music sink deep inside you so that there is no space remains for hatred or negative emotions. It’s not about the music but the beats which inspire you each second because you accept it or not but each second you are creating a new beat and the lyrics playing in the background won’t stop until you die. Pass down this article as much as you can because the beats should never stop.

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