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Howdy fellas! Today in this post we will be giving you a brief review on one of the most famous online streaming services Popcornflix. As we all know, watching an entertaining movie or a thrilling episode of your favourite TV series can often be a boost which can instantly make your day a whole lot better. It is not a big mystery but movies and TV shows can often decrease your stress levels.

Going to a movie theatre is often not possible as it costs a lot of money and time. So the best possible solution for catching the latest movies or tv show is to watch them online on a trusted streaming website. Popcornflix is one such website which gives you the option of watching movies and TV shows.

Popcornflix – Interface

Popcornflix is one of the highly popular online streaming services on which you can watch movies and TV shows. It is a really easy to use interface which is neat and straightforward. You will see the movies are categorized on the home page itself. While you will find the latest and most popular movies on the homepage, you can also search for movies using the search option which you will find in the right corner of the home screen.

Library Of Content

Popcorn has neatly arranged all the movies and categorized them in categories of different genres. They have located the menu away from the top of the screen so that it gives more room for finding and watching the movies.

It has more than 700 movies in its library and they are divided into different genres like Action, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romantic, Family/Kids, TV Series, Wild West, Before They Were Famous, Documentary, and more.

The most appealing categories are certainly the “Most Popular” and “New Arrivals” which give an insight on the latest and most-watched movies of the past few days. Popcornflix also has two additional websites to make it easier to search for movies of a specific genre. Its “Popcornflix Kids” is for movies for kids and “Frightpix” is for all horror loving fans.

Features Of Video Player

Most of the videos on Popcornflix are of the same quality as the one you find in DVD movies. The exact resolution of the movies is not determined but oddly there is no feature of changing the quality of the videos. Even though the videos are not in High Definition quality, but they are certainly watchable.

The one drawback that Popcornflix has over its rivals like Crackle is that it has Video Player options which include Volume Control, Full-Screen button, and video scrubbing. There is no option for subtitle settings. The options might be few but the full-screen button option is certainly a big plus as it is always better to eliminate all distractions like the white screen and other surroundings to that you are focused on the movie.

How Many Devices Support Popcornflix?

Popcornflix gives you the option of accessing its content on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Roku, Play Station, Chromecast, Xbox, and more. You can also sync your smartphones and smart TVs for watching movies and TV shows on Popcornflix. The interface and viewing experience on each of these platforms is similar to each other.

Download Links For Mobile Apps

Android | iOS

Popcornflix Subscription Plans/ Pricing?

Popcornflix is a free online streaming service which basically means that you are not asked to pay even a single buck for accessing the content. All you have to do is go to Popcornflix and start searching for your favourite movie or TV show and start watching movies on it without any worry of spending money. Even though this service is free, they still earn heavily thanks to the ads you get in each video.

Each ad is almost 15-20 seconds and it cannot be skipped. However, there is a particular plan which will help you get ad-free media on Popcornflix. If you want ad-free media, you will have to pay a rent of $0.99.


Popcornflix is definitely a service which should be installed in your smartphones. Also for security purposes, if you want to install any internet security antivirus then that would really create a secure connection. Even though the video quality of movies and TV shows in Popcornflix is not up to the mark but this free movie streaming service has more than good enough features like the variety of movies and ease of finding them which will allow you to be satisfied with what you are watching.

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