What Song Is This? How To Identify Song Name

Identify the song that is playing. Many times this happens while in a bus, at a café or listening to some music on FM, we miss out the lyrics but only listen to a tune. Have you ever got stuck on a theme that hovers in your mind again and again but you still cannot recognize the name of the song? Don’t worry because, in this post, I will put light on the ways that will help you out in such hard times and let you identify, what song is this.

These ways more than anything will let you identify and locate the song on the web, and are fascinating too, that will surprise you making you realize the power of the digital world. There a lot of ways to identify “what is that song”. Based upon your resources, device or system requirements there are many options available, I will classify them for you.

Pro Sequences | Things You Need To Know

Before you give these opportunities a try you need to have: 

  • A Working Microphone.
  • An Internet connection with good speed.
  • Correct lyrics recorded melody or live source of the song or tune that you are trying to identify.

What Song Is This With Pre-Installed Apps

The first method calls for the usage of the resources that we usually do not pay much attention to. There nothing better than this when the device you have bought load the operating system with too many useful features, hard to handle but good to boast about. Your iOS, Android, and Windows platform have got such pre-installed functions that you can boast about now.

  • What’s This Song? (Identity In iOS)

Siri: Siri, the Apple’s personal search assistant, is known for its fast and accurate decision-making capabilities. Besides controlling phone’s operation with voice it can let you interact with the web and can also help you out finding the name of the song that is currently playing. This feature is provided by shazam and is preloaded in your IOS machine.You just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Hold down the home button to open and start Siri.
  2. Now place your iOS device near melody that you are trying to identify.
  3. Speak out “what song is playing” or “What is this song“.
  • What’s This Song Called? (Android Users)

Every Android phone comes with speech recognition system. For finding a song name you just need to speak Ok Google to initiate Google Voice and speak “What song is playing” to identify the name of the melody you are looking for.

  • What’s The Name Of Song? (Windows)

I am not mistaken If I tell you that you must be familiar with Cortana if you are a windows user. Very similar to Android and iOS, Cortana is the voice recognition support for Windows device. You can use the Cortana to identify the song that is playing by just saying “What song is this”.

what song is this

Identify What Song Is Playing With Apps

Technology has changed the music from what it was before to what it is now. Comparing the old vinyl to today’s music everything has gone digital. The digital signal processing and engineering techniques have made it possible to store and even identify the songs based on the given information.

Interestingly, developers have bared it all to make such unusual applications after using them you will say wow and excellent. You will find the name of the playing song in less than a minute using these apps. Give them a try. Let’s have a closer look at these apps.

1. Have Prerecorded Music

1.1 Shazam   

I call this app the king of the music recognition apps. Shazam has gained popularity since years for its outstanding performance. The app lets you identify the song that is playing. This app has maintained a massive database to identify melodies, songs, and tunes.

This work in 1 simple step: play a song and let Shazam listen to the song. Whatever may be the source is TV, FM, recorded media or any other, shazam will look into the database and will provide you with the name of the song. More than above the app has features like linking music to iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify so you can buy or listen to the full song.

The free version of Shazam allows you to follow five different audio music per month while there is a paid version which charges $ 4.99 for unlimited monthly searches.

Download Now using: App Store || Google Play || Mac ||Windows PC || Windows Phone 

2. Want To Use Your Own Voice

2.1 Soundhound

Soundhound is found to be better, fast and efficient than Shazam as it will also help you recognize the song if you know a part of it. Even if you do not have any recorded file, the app will help you out.

You can sing some part of the song, hum the melody or whistle. But, you have to be extra cautious because of the more precise you hum, more accurate the results are. If you are a social bug, then you can tell your accomplishment to your friends sharing the results on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. This app has no platform limitations and is supported on multiple platforms. 

Download Now Using: App Store || BlackBerry || Google Play|| Windows Phone

3. Want To Type Lyrics

3.1 MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch is a perfect music partner that will fetch you out the lyrics of the song that you are playing on your smartphone. But it can also work in the reverse process to make you identify the song with the help of its lyrics. All you need to do is to do simple typing work- a part of the lyrics will do, and you will be able to locate the song with ease.

Not only this, this app is compatible with almost all music apps and will fetch the lyrics of the song, no matter in which app the music is being played. You can sing along with the song with perfection by bringing the lyrics of the song using MusiXmatch. Supported on all modern platforms.

Download Now Using: App Store || Google Play || Windows Phone || Windows PC

4. Do You Trust Human More Than Machine

If you want humans to do the task for you, then there are several best options are available on the web. Here we have enlisted the best for you.

4.1 WatZatSong

If you have tried everything out and still are not able to identify the melody that you are looking for you can try out WatZatSong to do the research for you. As the name suggests, WATZATSONG means What is that song, is a web platform where you can upload a mp3 version of the music that you have recorded.

After you upload the mp3 version the site members from the back end will virtually answer to your query in a pretty much short time and will suggest you the name of the song that you have been looking for.

More than that the members of the site will also help you out making the answer much more informative by providing you rare details like the language in which the song is sung, the year of release and where to find the song i.e. its location on the web.

Visit the site here: WatZatSong

4.2 Melody Catcher

If you are a musician or a person that has a deeper knowledge of music, then you can surely try out this site. This site will provide you with a virtual platform to play the melody using your own hands and will help you identify the song with ease.

The sites do so with the aid of a virtual keyboard and work on Java browsers. You need to have working Java installed on your PC to make this site work. Melody Catcher can identify the song that is playing for you.

You just have to enter the notes of the melody, and the result is generally out in entering about 5 to 10 notes of the song.

5.  Software At Its Best

5.1 Tunatic

Tunatic works exactly like an app works on windows, android or an iOS platform, but it is a software for windows PC and Mac that will help you identify the song that is playing right on your desktop.


There are a lot of excellent ways that you can try to locate the song on the web using its sound, but it depends on upon your requirements. If you are happy with the default voice recognition feature, go for that and if you want something innovative you can look for humans to help you out (what a song). There are a lot of applications like shazam, the soundhound that will do the wonder for you.

Give them a try and comment and let the world know apps other than these, that worked fine for you.

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